Winterizing our 2019 Travato 59K

Winterizing our 2019 Travato 59K

This is a write-up of what I did to winterize our Travato. I'm explicitly talking about our specific rig, a  2019 Winnebago Travato 59K class B van. I may have left something out, or I may have screwed up something — but hopefully this helps someone, at the very least it'll help future me!

The steps I took are based on a combination of previous experience and some resources found online. They're specifically tuned for the 59K. There's a resource collection at the end, for other Travatos.

I choose to use both compressed air and antifreeze, as it seems blowing with compressed air just always keeps finding another pocket of water somewhere; I just don't trust it to be thorough enough. On our earlier class A motorhome, compressed air was enough, but I don't feel as confident here.

Print this out, cross items as you make progress, and make a note if something was different!

Materials and tools

Winterizing steps

  1. dump and rinse black tank well; you'll dump again to get rid of water from the lines, but that's after blowing the black tank rinse water line; or, skip this round and get the air compressor out again after dumping later, blow line then
  2. park level
  3. ensure Truma is off
  4. ensure water pump is off
  5. lift things out of kitchen sink, prop lid open
  6. open kitchen faucet, temperature half-way, leave open
  7. open bath faucet, temperature half-way, leave open
  8. flip up driver side bed, remove storage cubby and side access door
  9. drain Truma with yellow pressure relief valve, leave open
  10. open low point valves, wait to drain, leave open
  11. remove O-ring filter from city fill inlet and tank fill inlets
  12. press city fill and tank fill backflow valves with finger, wait to drain
  13. restore O-ring filters to city fill and tank fill inlets (or air will leak later)
  14. remove water filter, empty water, reinstall canister; use towel underneath
  15. empty pump strainer, clean debris, reinstall; remember threads are upside down, pinch in-the-way hot water pipe to pump with other hand to be able to reinstall
  16. start van, connect power & turn on air compressor
  17. adjust to 0psi, connect to tank fill inlet, adjust gradually to 20psi, wait to drain, adjust to 0psi
  18. run water pump for 2 seconds no more, turn off
  19. adjust to 0psi, connect to city fill inlet, adjust gradually to 30psi, leave on
  20. wait until drained, close low point drain valves
  21. wait until drained, close bath faucet
  22. wait until drained, close kitchen faucet
  23. adjust to 0psi
  24. switch Truma bypass to winter mode
  25. adjust gradually to 30psi, there should be no air flow; next blow pipes one at a time by opening, draining, closing each outlet
  26. blow kitchen sink hot+cold
  27. blow bath sink hot+cold
  28. blow shower hot+cold, ensure handle cutoff valve is open
  29. blow toilet fill
  30. blow toilet bidet, hold down valve in handle while pressing toilet pedal
  31. blow ext shower, leave hose connected
  32. blow low point drain valves; remember to close valves
  33. adjust to 0psi, connect to black tank rinse inlet, adjust gradually to 20psi, adjust to 0psi, disconnect
  34. turn off air compressor
  35. turn off van
  36. disconnect air compressor power, stow
  37. empty water filter canister and reinstall, again; use towel underneath
  38. empty pump strainer and reinstall, again
  39. close Truma pressure relief valve
  40. switch siphon tube valve to winterize
  41. bring 1 gal antifreeze to pump, remove siphon tube cap, put siphon tube into antifreeze
  42. turn on water pump, after initial burst there should be no water flow
  43. next pump antifreeze to pipes one outlet at a time, hot and cold separately, close when pink stuff comes out
  44. beware running out of antifreeze or siphoning air because tube is not submerged. beware spilling antifreeze bottle. easiest if you have a helper at the bottle
  45. antifreeze kitchen sink hot+cold
  46. antifreeze bath sink hot+cold
  47. antifreeze shower hot+cold, ensure handle cutoff valve is open
  48. the shower tends to drip, wrap a plastic bag around the shower head and rubber twist tie it
  49. antifreeze toilet fill
  50. antifreeze toilet bidet
  51. antifreeze ext shower; disconnect, drain and stow hose
  52. turn off water pump
  53. restore siphon tube cap
  54. switch siphon tube valve to normal
  55. restore bed
  56. stow kitchen sink things, close lid
  57. drive to dump tanks
  58. pour antifreeze 1cup in kitchen sink (waterless trap but it won't hurt)
  59. pour antifreeze 2-3cups in bath sink (P-trap)
  60. pour antifreeze 2-3cups in shower drain (waterless trap); should be roughly the rest of 2gal bottles, adjust amounts to not run out
  61. put towel in laundry
  62. carry water bottles etc to house
  63. order new water filter for spring (the Culligan US-600A cartridge takes D-20A, D-30A, or D-40A filters, higher numbers are fancier but clog quicker — I've learned the D-30A resists flow so much the water pump cycles on/off all the time and you only get a trickle of water out.. I'm buying D-20A from now on) (you may also need new O-rings)


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