We just said goodbye to our little, blind, old man Stimpy on Friday. His decline was rapid, caused by a recently discovered bleeding tumor in his liver. His last 6 months were lived as a fulltime RV dog and I'm so thankful we had that time with him.

Here is some Stimpy wisdom, and photos from his amazing 6 months as an RV adventuredog.

When in doubt, take the walk,altRodeo, New Mexico

Take the hike (it's okay if you need help),altRed Canyon, Utah

Don't let anything slow you down.altWhen your seeing eye hoomin fails you!

Take a nap when you need it,altStimpy spent travel days in his "command post."

Maybe a few naps...altHe'd eventually sprawl out in Lily's bed, and she'd let him sleep.

Nap in public, people will look at you funny but it's okay.altWe called this look the "dead opossum."

Enjoy some fresh air,altBoondocking in Dixie National Forest, Utah.

Get plenty of sunshine,altHammock time was a favorite.

And sunbeams when indoors.altAs a blind dog, it was astonishing how he could locate even the smallest sunbeam.

Eat the ice cream,altWe always shared.

Eat the snow cone,altHis first snow cone in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Eat the french fries, altTommi accidentally spilled all of them on top of Stimpy immediately after this photo...RAINING FRENCH FRIES!!!

Eat the tiny bones,altEnjoying appropriately sized Busy Bones.

And absolutely eat the big bones if you're given the chance.altStimpy's last good day was spent eating his dream bone.

Try the low grass,altMorgan, Utah

But if that's not your thing, try the tall grass...altLewis and Clark National Forest, Montana

Or try a lap in some grass!altEast Glacier Park Village, Montana

And live that off-leash life as much as you can!altBoondocking in Quartzsite, Arizona

Pee on everything,altLake Mead, Nevada

In the winter, enjoy the warmth of a sweater (while peeing),alt
Camo peeing -- you can't see him!

In the summer, leave your pawprints in the sand,
altI didn't think much when I took this photo but now I'm glad I did.

And never miss a chance to be silly.
altHowdy Partner! Bryce Canyon City, Utah

Take your hoomins to new places, like Bryce Canyon National Park,alt
Dogs walked from Sunrise Point to Sunset Point.

Waterfalls in Idaho,alt
"Why am I getting wet?!" - Blind Dog Stimpy

Grand Teton National Park,
altOxbow bend

Glacier National Park,
altLogan Pass, Glacier National Park

Even the dog unfriendly Hoover Dam (from a distance!)altShot from the end of our hike, the parking structure.

And keep them company while they have to work, even if it's boring.
altCarmine, Texas

And when you start to feel like you're fading away, spend even more time with your hoomins.
altHelena, Montana

Ask them hold you close,
altFreezeout Lake, Montana

If you're hurting, ask for comfort, and time sitting still.
altColter Bay, Grand Teton National Park

A warm lap and soft pets can do wonders for your wellbeing.
altSo glad we had these moments.

They will be so sad but appreciate all this time they were able to spend with you.
altKnowing what you have to do to ease their pain is the saddest and hardest thing.

And when it's time to go, don't be scared. Just close your eyes and run free.altWe love you and miss you so much Stimpy. Hope you're enjoying your restored vision and healthy body in Dog Heaven.


Stimpy Dog Jens
2006-July 28th, 2017