Dog toy review: Wubba

Dog toy review: Wubba

Just about every large dog owner knows the sturdy Kong toys that you stuff with dog food, treats and peanut butter, but Lily says the best thing Kong makes is a squeaky toy!

Wubba is a combination fetch, tug-o-war, squeaky, chewy and huggy toy. It seems to keep Lily's interest very well, where simple balls and ropes don't. She is often seen napping with the toy.

The biggest part of the toy is a squeaker. The smaller ball on top is just fun to chew on. The tentacles are meant to trail behind the toy when it's thrown, and make it fun to catch and play tug-o-war with, but Lily also likes to just lay down and work a tentacle around in her mouth.

Lily is not a heavy chewer, but she does rip out the ears and eyes of typical stuffed dog toys, and our Wubba has definitely survived better than any other squeaky toy. The most significant damage in 6 months is that the tips of the tentacles are frayed. If she ever manages to destroy her Wubba, I will surely be buying another one immediately.

If your dog likes to play in the water, you might be interested in the Wet Wubba. If you have kids, you might want animal Wubbas.

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