We took a day trip to the east side of Salton Sea in California, to Salvation Mountain and Slab City. Salvation Mountain is a 30-year project by a very dedicated man, Leonard Knight, for expressing his thoughts on religion. Slab City is "the last free place on Earth", an area of land owned by the state but left unwanted for so long it's now a fascinating permanent town of RVs and camps.  We didn't want to photograph people's homes, so below are photos of just Salvation Mountain, presented without much commentary.  Enjoy!

Throughout Slab City you'll find many signs about slowing down for dogs.
In the year 2000, the Folk Art Society of America declared Salvation Mountain "a folk art site worthy of preservation and protection."
Mushy thoroughly enjoyed the yellow brick road.
On top of the mountain, looking down at some of the more unfinished areas.
I (Ane) was here in 2011 when Leonard Knight, the creator of Salvation Mountain was still alive. I'm happy to see that years after his death it is still just as beautiful. Caretakers now maintain and restore the artwork and act as docents. 
These two found the cat snacks.
Leonard Knight (1931–2014)
Tommi says the dogs call it the Salivation Mountain, because of all the treats we bribed them with for this great photo.